Addictions (SI17)


[gdlr_accordion style="style-1" initial="1"] [gdlr_tab title="About Series"] Whether the struggle is personal or you’ve experienced the pain of watching a loved one, virtually no life remains untouched by the problem of addiction. What can we do? What should we say? How do we even think about lives that are spinning out of control from seemingly unstoppable urges? Our working theology of addictions is often a mixture of messages we have heard from pop psychology, AA, and pieces of Scripture. Some talk about addiction using the language of disease. Others offer simplistic explanations of sin and bludgeon addicts with the demand to just “stop it.” This conference will explore both the physical and spiritual components of addiction and how to navigate them carefully as Christians. Follow along with these resources as we unpack these issues and learn how our sense of helplessness and desperate need in the face of such problems can become just the thing to drive us to the redemption and power found through Jesus. [/gdlr_tab] [gdlr_tab title="Podcasts"] [/gdlr_tab] [/gdlr_accordion]


Addicted to Shiny Things: Why & How to Find Freedom in the Age of the Internet

To say that we are addicted to our screens is axiomatic. As I wrote and researched this talk, I was in front of a screen. In this presentation, I will discuss a brief history of technologies, how they were received historically, how they changed the world for good and ill, and how pervasive this one is in our lives. I will talk about reasons to unplug (and levels of “unplugged-ness”) and ways to accom-plish that, all in the light of the gospel. 

Addicted to Food (and/or Exercise)

While some people turn to drugs and alcohol to get high or to relieve stress, many turn to food which can be just as dangerous an idol as substance abuse. Other people are addicted to fitness to the extent that it becomes harmful to their lives and relationships. How can we overcome temptation to make an idol out of our food and our bodies?

Pastoral Lessons from Dealing with Addictions

During 25 years of ministry, we have seen many struggle with addiction. We have made many mistakes, we have seen people abandon the faith, but we have also seen God rescue souls. This session will focus on pastoral lessons learned and will also feature the testimonies of some who repented and were restored.

Counterfeit Heavens: How Treasuring Our Eternal Home Invalidates Addiction’s Lies

Everyone of us is homesick. We’re all longing for our true Home in heaven with all the redeemed and the Lord Jesus Christ. Because we suffer with this homesickness, we try to fill the void with fleet-ing pleasures that become habitual and turn into addictions. The way out of addiction is to wait pa-tiently for the joys that are to come, and to live in the hope of the promises of God: Jesus has gone on before us as a forerunner guaranteeing our safe arrival and complete satisfaction and joy.