Churches Equipped to Care (SI13)


Your Place in the Biblical Counseling World: The BCC, Biblical Counseling and You

The biblical counseling world is a large and growing network. What is the role of the BCC in promoting BC? More importantly, this session addresses how each of us can find our place in God’s vision for promoting personal change centered on the person of Christ.

The Resume of A Biblical Counselor: A Four-Dimensional Model of Christ-Centered Equipping

This session develops and illustrates a four- dimensional, Christ-centered equipping model that unites Christ-like character (heart/being), biblical content (head/knowing), counseling competence (hands/doing), and Christian community (home/connecting). 

Sharing Scripture and Soul: Five Biblical Portraits of the Biblical Counselor

We nurture a culture of care in the church when the Word of God is shared with the love of a father, mother, brother, child; and shared with the respect of a mentor! This session will discuss how a counselor's character and motivation profoundly impact the counseling process.