Disordered Desires (SI16)


About the 2016 Summer Institute

The 2016 Institute was entitled Disordered Desires: Bringing Grace to Modern Sexuality. It featured keynote talks from Sam Allberry, Iain Duguid, Milton Vincent and Jim Newheiser. Visit our Stay Connected Page to keep current on our coming events and free content.

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How Grace Empowers Us to Overcome Sexual Idolatry

Disordered sexual desires are ultimately a problem of worship. We seek ultimate satisfaction from earthly things, which become our idols. This session shows how the gospel forgives our idolatries and adulteries and transforms us into worshipers whose greatest delight is in God. Audio note: Due to some technical difficulties the first 20 minutes of this audio recording is poor quality. We are looking into ways make this content available with a better quality recording. 

Truths Same-Sex Attracted Christians Need to Hear

Our culture offers a particular narrative about homosexuality, describing a move from repression to a place of flourishing by embracing a homosexual identity. This session will give a counter narrative based on 5 truths that same-sex attracted Christians need to hear.

How to Love Christians Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction

There are many Christians wrestling with same-sex attraction in our churches. How can we best support, encourage and help them? This session discusses some of the vital steps to helping them flourish in Christ, as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

Lies That Fuel Disordered Sexual Desires

Behind sexual sins and temptations are often subtle but distorted views of ourselves, the nature of sex, and the character of God. This workshop examines some of these lies and shows how the gospel breaks through them to reveal that the truth is better than we may think.

Still Sinning After All These Years – A Biblical Theology of Sinful Failure

How can we try hard to obey God’s laws and still experience joy, even though we fall terribly short day after day? This session looks at many Biblical passages to understand God’s loving purpose in beginning the work of new creation in those still tied to sinful flesh.

The Advantages of Remaining Sin – Encouraging the Sexual Sinner to Celebrate Christ in the Context of Their Worst Failures

How is rebellion different from weakness and what difference does that make? This session shows the need to point precious strugglers to Christ because the imputed righteousness of our great Savior provides the greatest motivation for obedience and change.

Friendship on Fire: The Song of Songs on Marriage

What is love and what does love have to do with marriage? Just as no one has the power to bless and encourage you like your spouse, no one else can provoke and hurt you deeply like they can. This session explores the concepts of love and marriage as described in Song of Songs.

Keys to Evangelism in a Sexualized Culture

How can we do evangelism in the context of counseling those who have suffered sexually? Counselors are needed to engage in these situations but they present dangerous pitfalls. This session discusses how true godliness is the key to avoiding the trap of sexualized relationships.

Helping Wives Whose Husbands Struggle with Pornography 

When husbands struggle with pornography their wives need help too. This workshop discusses giving hope and practical direction to the wife, teaching her Biblical resources that God has given to protect her and helping her take her thoughts captive.

Critiquing Evangelical Arguments for Same-Sex Relationships

In recent years both scholarly and popular attempts to reinterpret what the Bible says about homosexuality have grown significantly. This session will help biblical counselors to understand these arguments, so that they can engage and help those who have been exposed to them.

Helping Women with Child Sexual Abuse in Their Past: part 2

Counseling sexually abused women can seem too daunting an endeavor for everyone involved. Part 2 of this workshop offers specific resources for counseling women plagued or hindered by past sexual abuse. This session will give you some effective tools for your counseling toolbox.

Gender Blending and Confusion

There are many religious and social elements behind the current culture’s confusion about gender. This workshop gives a biblical view of gender and lays out the way out of this morass for individuals, families, churches and the culture. Implications for counseling are emphasized.

Home: How Heaven and the New Earth Will Satisfy Our Deepest Longings

In this world of fear, trials and loneliness counselees often feel adrift, like they’re searching for a place where they can truly make themselves at home. This session explores heaven, the afterlife and the comfort that can be found in knowing our true final destination.

David and Bathsheba: Counseling and Teaching from Old Testament Narratives

Adultery and abuse are unfortunately all too common in the counseling office. This session teaches how to use Biblical narratives to encourage counselees to connect their story with the larger story of God’s work in the world, to provide hope and to point them towards Christ.