Equipped to Counsel (SI15)


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I’ve Lost My Teen to a Machine! How the Gospel Frees Your Teen From Device Addiction

Our teens seem totally distracted by their smart phones and video games. People of all ages are talking about how hard it is to put down their devices. This message examines how gospel promises as well as gospel threatenings can set us free of life dominating habits.

Difficult Cases and Wisdom in Counseling (Part 2)

Knowing what the Bible says about something is only the first step. You need wisdom to know how to apply Biblical principles to real cases. This workshop examines two real, difficult cases: From Bad to Worse and Back; Dispirited Pastor and His Disgruntled Wife.

Offering Hope and Help to Women who Self-injure

How do you help women who self-injure? This workshop will examine the similarities and distinctions between four very different, self-injuring women and discuss some of the Scriptures and counseling methods which will provide the greatest help for all self-injurers.

Establishing and Maintaining a Counseling Center in the Local Church

What is the role of the church in a biblical counseling ministry? From the Biblical mandate for ministry under the church’s authority, to the nuts and bolts of daily ministry, Darrell and Janet will share insight gleaned from 23 years in the church counseling ministry.

Bringing Freedom to Captives of Pornography

Pornography is pervasive in today's world. It destroys marriages and leaves users with a warped view of sexuality. Sadly, many Christians are trapped by its power. This workshop will show how the grace of Jesus enables someone to break out of the deceitful web of pornography.

Equipping Women to Uproot Bitterness

Bitterness can easily take root in the heart when we’ve been hurt or offended or we believe something has happened to us that is unfair or unjust. This message will examine evidences of bitterness, ruling motives, and practical steps to rooting it out for the glory of God.

Continuationists, Cessationists, and Counseling

If the Holy Spirit is necessary in our counseling, what exactly is His role? What gifts does He employ? This session will briefly sketch the theological positions and identify how each position impacts our view of the Spirit’s role in counseling and the sufficiency of God’s Word.

Difficult Cases and Wisdom in Counseling (Part 1)

It is important to know Biblical principles, but knowledge in itself is not enough. You need wisdom to apply Biblical principles to real cases. This workshop examines two real, difficult cases: Militia Man and His Mad Mate; Suing Sinner and His Suffering Family.

Safeguarding Women, Protecting Pastors

This session will discuss the dangers inherent in long-term, cross-gender counseling, both to pastors and counselors and to the women they counsel, as well as steps pastors can take to protect themselves while still loving the women God has placed in their care.