Equipped to Counsel (SI15)


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The Necessity of the Holy Spirit in Counseling

The work of the Holy Spirit is the only thing that can bring about lasting and God-honoring change. As biblical counselors we are dependent upon the Spirit to work powerfully in the entire counseling situation, both through us and in the lives of our counselees.

The Necessity of the Church in Counseling

Biblical counseling is necessary for the church and the church is necessary for biblical counseling. This session will define what is meant by "counseling" in the context of the local church and discuss how helping hurting, needy people is at the heart of her calling.

Listening and Ministering to Eating Disorders

How do we understand the dynamics of eating disorders and how do we interpret them as caused by both sin and suffering? This session wiil seek to answer these questions from a biblical perspective and discuss how the gospel offers hope and help in the midst of the struggle.