Legacy : CDC Level 2


June 2018 | Update to 2.5 - In June of 2018, several lectures were updated and modernized in Level 2.  If you own a handbook from before June 2018 the corresponding lectures can be found in the Legacy section of this course. These legacy sessions are not required for the CDC exam. [gdlr_accordion style="style-1" initial="1"] [gdlr_tab title="Review Changes"] June 2018 | 2.5 [/gdlr_tab] [/gdlr_accordion]


CDC Legacy 2-24. How to Change Your Wife

Christian men are called to love their wives unconditionally, as Chris loves the church. Christlike love is not merely a feeling. It is a commitment. Christ’s love is demonstrated on the Cross. What should a husband do if his wife is hard to love? What should he do if he doesn't have loving feelings towards his wife?

CDC Legacy 2-30. The Medicine Only Approach to Counseling

This session explores contrasting views of human nature (biblical vs. materialist) and explores a theology of pain and emotion. Medicine may be needed to control a few serious brain conditions, solve a crisis situation, or help a “stuck” counselee begin to move forward. But even those who take these medicines can learn better self control and habits of thought that will lead to greater emotional stability through the power of the Holy Spirit.

CDC Legacy 2-31. Psychotropic Drugs and Biblical Counseling

Psychotropic drugs improve feelings without changing the counselee’s basic response to circumstances. These medicines produce a mood that doesn’t match the counselee’s real-life situation. How do we think about these medicines from a Christian perspective? How can we better understand drug dependence and withdrawal?

CDC Legacy 2-32. Cognitive-Perceptual Disorders and Biblical Counseling

This session explains the features of cognitive-perceptual disorders. Is there a connection between sin and sickness? Do people with brain disorders sin? Determining the boundary between physical disability and willful sin can be difficult. How can we help those with these disorders?

CDC Legacy 2-35. But My Child Is Different!

There are clearly special needs people in the Bible. Having a different child sometimes doesn’t feel like a blessing but God is sovereign over these difficult situations. In these cases, parents are often tempted to make excuses or be overprotecting, but they need to love the way Jesus loves. God chooses the weak, foolish, and despised and his grace is sufficient for us.