Longings (WP16)


[gdlr_accordion style="style-1" initial="1"] [gdlr_tab title="About the 2016 Women's Pre-Conference"] The 2016 Women's Pre-Conference was entitled Longings. It featured keynote talks from Elyse Fitzpatrick, Martha Peace, and Caroline Newheiser. Visit our Stay Connected Page to keep current on our coming events and free content. One of the easiest ways to access all of our audios and handouts is with our IBCD Resource App. Download via iOS App Store | Google Play [/gdlr_tab][gdlr_tab title="Session Videos"] At the Institute we filmed all of the sessions. The general session videos will be made available for free on the individual session pages below. The videos for the all the workshops and the women's pre-conference are available for purchase. After purchasing, the videos will appear below the mp3 player on all the individual session pages below. We are currently taking pre-orders on these videos and will update you when they are made available.
SI 16 Workshop Videos Women's Pre-Conference Videos
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