'Christ-Centered Counseling: Radical Ministry in a Darkened World' by Bob Kellermen

'Sharing Scripture and Soul: Five Biblical Portraits of the Biblical Counselor' by Bob Kellermen

'The Resume of A Biblical Counselor: A Four-Dimensional Model of Christ-Centered Equipping' by Bob Kellermen

'Your Place in the Biblical Counseling World: The BCC, Biblical Counseling and You' by Bob Kellermen

'Gospel-Centered Marriage Counseling: Four Pillars for Glorifying God through Oneness in Marriage' by Bob Kellermen

'Esther: Trusting God When You Don't See His Hand' by Elyse Fitzpatrick

'Caring for the Whole Person: Understanding the Influences of Nature & Nurture in Counseling' by Jim Newheiser

'Caring Words or Crushing Words? Helping People Speak Wisely and Graciously' by Jim Newheiser

'Gospel Rest for Depression: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures' by Tom Maxham