How do I start?

The best way is to get instant access to the training through an annual subscription ($55/year). This will let you stream all of our video content at the lowest cost. If you prefer physical DVD sets and handbooks, you can purchase those individually. All of these options are available at our online store.

How long does it take to go through your training?

Our Care & Discipleship Course is intentionally designed to be flexible. The entire course includes approximately 40 hours of content. If one wishes to complete all of the assignments to receive certificates for each level, this takes additional time. We have put together a Teaching Guide which breaks the instruction down into 4, 16-week interactive classes (these 64 classes systematically work through all of the instruction for Levels 1 & 2 and interweave the 10 hours of Observation Videos throughout). The following is a list of what is considered the minimum time required to complete the course and assignments:

  • Level 1
    • Level 1 instruction – 15 hours
    • Level 1 electives – 3 hours
    • Level 1 leader interview 1 hour
    • Level 1 exam – 7 hours
    • Level 1 total: 28 hours
  • Level 2
    • Level 2 instruction – 15 hours
    • Level 2 electives – 3 hours
    • Level 2 leader interview 1 hour
    • Level 2 exam – 7 hours
    • Level 2 total: 28 hours
  • Level 3
    • Reading, The Peacemaker – approx 5 hours (1 page/min)
    • Reading, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands – approx 6 hours (1 page/min)
    • Watching Observation Videos – 10 hours
    • Writing Peacemaker response paper – 1 hour
    • Writing Instruments response paper – 1 hour
    • Writing Observation reflection paper – 1 hour
    • Level 3 leader interview – 1 hour
    • Level 3 Total: 25 hours
  • Care & Discipleship Course & Assignment Total: 81 hours

How long are the Observation Videos?

The lengths of the Observation Videos are as follows:

ACBC Certified Counselor & Counselee “Name”length of counselingvideo total
Jim Newheiser – Jesse63 min70 min
Jim Newheiser – Jesse52 min57 min
Jim Newheiser – Jesse & Sarah51 min56 min
Caroline Newheiser – Danielle40 min46 min
Caroline Newheiser – Danielle44 min48 min
Caroline Newheiser – Danielle38 min40 min
Tom Maxham – Richard53 min58 min
Tom Maxham – Richard54 min60 min
Tom Maxham – Richard50 min54 min
Jim & Caroline Newheiser – Dan & Debbie54 min60 min
Jim & Caroline Newheiser – Dan & Debbie55 min61 min
Jim & Caroline Newheiser – Dan & Debbie54 min62 min
Heath Lambert – Jeremy & Crystal53 min57 min
Heath Lambert – Jeremy & Crystal49 min52 min
Heath Lambert – Jeremy & Crystal39 min41 min
Total749 min822 min

Are there volume discounts on Student Handbooks?

Yes! The regular Student Handbook price is $18. The following volume discounts are automatically calculated in online orders.

  • 10 or more Student Handbooks = $17 each
  • 25 or more Student Handbooks = $15 each
  • 50 or more Student Handbooks = $12 each

The discount will automatically be applied in your cart once you adjust your quantity and click update cart

How do I access a digital download that I purchased?

When you make a purchase on our website an account is created for you. Your digital downloads will instantly be accessible on your account page.  Additionally, your purchase will cause our system to automatically send you an email with the download link attached. The link in the email is uniquely keyed to your account. Upon clicking you may be asked to log in.

What are the differences between the new Care & Discipleship DVDs and the older (2011) Basics DVDs?

Besides the restructuring of the overall order to match the CDC Course, bug fixes, and revised graphics, the overall DVD course has changed in the following ways:

Revised sessions

  • What is Biblical Counseling? 1
  • What is Biblical Counseling? 2
  • What is Biblical Counseling? 3
  • Anger/Abuse
  • Depression

New sessions

  • Grace When Things Are Hard
  • Understanding Nature and Nurture in Biblical Counseling
  • From Idol to Blessing 1
  • From Idol to Blessing 2
  • Counseling in Situations of Separation, Divorce & Remarriage

Sessions Not Included

  • Solving Marriage Problems: When Husbands Won’t Lead
  • Solving Marriage Problems: Sex

Each DVD has been “tracked” with chapter breaks to correspond with the discussion sections in the Leader Handbook in order to be able to quickly resume where you left off for discussion.

What are the differences between the new Care & Discipleship Handbooks and the older (2011) Basics of Biblical Counseling Syllabus?

The Care & Discipleship Handbooks have undergone major changes from the previous Basics of Biblical Counseling Syllabus.

  • The Care & Discipleship Handbooks have all of the same content changes as the CDC DVDs (listed above).
  • All of the outlines have been placed in the proper CDC order and the content has been updated to exactly match the DVDs and audios.
  • The outlines have been reformatted for taking notes.
  • The Supplemental Resources sections have all been updated to more accurately match what is mentioned in the course, and they correspond with the supplemental resources found on each session page
  • The Leader Handbook also has discussion sections throughout each lesson, which are convenient places for pausing the DVD and having group interaction.  The DVDs are “tracked” to correspond with these discussion sections in order to be able to quickly resume where you left off.
  • The Basics Syllabus contained the outlines for most of the content of Levels 1 and 2.  The Handbooks have now been split – one for each Level.

Are the older (2011) Basics of Biblical Counseling materials still a viable option for ACBC Certification?

Yes, The Basics of Biblical Counseling DVDs (and audios) are still an ACBC Certified Basic Training Course which meets the Phase 1.1 requirement for ACBC Certification.

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