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IBCD has partnered with Elyse Fitzpatrick to provide helpful resources for both personal & small group study.

IBCD has partnered with Elyse Fitzpatrick to produce DVD studies based on her popular books.

Each study guide is designed to be used with the DVD Set.  It has notes for each session as well as questions for personal reflection or group discussion.  Discounts are available for 50+ or 100+.  Orders of 100+ may require a longer lead time. If you are an organization planning to offer the study and charge for attendance please contact us for a licensing agreement at sales@ibcd.org.  If you have any questions please see our FAQ .

We Were Lost. Now We’re Found…in Him.

Everyone has experienced isolation and alienation. We lost more than a nice home when we were banished from Eden. We lost relationship with God and with each other. But then God did the unthinkable. The Son of God became the Man Christ Jesus: one of us that we might be united to him.

In this ten-part video series, Elyse Fitzpatrick explores the wonder of the incarnation and the glory of our union with Christ, offering us a sure path to ultimate acceptance and true belonging through the power of the gospel


These videos are also available through online video-on-demand in streaming and download formats. Watch instantly at a lower cost: http://fitzpatrick.pivotshare.com

The DVD set contains 10 20-minute sessions from Elyse Fitzpatrick on her book “Found in Him”.


  • 4-Disc DVD Set
  • 10 20-minute sessions total
  • Promotional trailer included on disc 4
  • Study guides purchased separately

If you think of idols as stone statues in far-off lands, think again.

Idols are the desires, longings, and expectations we worship instead of the true God.

Many people desire to live godly lives but feel trapped in habitual sins. They trip over the same bad habit, embarrassing weakness, or sinful slavery they wanted to be free of years ago. This series reveals that idolatry lies at the heart of every besetting sin.
Elyse Fitzpatrick helps us to uncover our hidden idols and learn how the power of the gospel transforms the heart, by teaching us to ask:

  • What do I long for so much that my heart demands, “Give me this, or else I’ll die!”
  • What must I have for my life to be meaningful and happy?
  • Do I love God whole-heartedly or are there other loves in my heart that clamor for my attention?

Through this four-disc DVD set, explore the hope found in God’s desire to have his children live free of idols, and his commitment to free them by his sanctifying power.


  • 4-Disc DVD Set
  • 4 approx. 60-minute sessions total
  • Study guides purchased separately (below)

God’s love has the power to change lives.

Christians, then, should exhibit the greatest transformation of all because, rightly understood and cherished, God’s love makes them increasingly more like the One who has lavished his love on them. So why do we so often struggle to exhibit God’s love? Biblical counselor Elyse M. Fitzpatrick asks one simple question: “In your pursuit of godliness, have you left Jesus behind?” We need to be rescued from our “identity amnesia” and pointed to our true identity as God’s beloved children adopted by the Father, united with the Son, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Journey with Elyse through this four-part DVD series as she shows how a genuine transformation of identity leads to a transformation of our daily lives. Those who struggle with either legalism or lawlessness will find encouragement to return to God’s love, the source of authentic and lasting change.


  • 4-Disc DVD Set
  • 4 approx. 60-minute sessions total
  • Study guides purchased separately

No, rules are not the answer. What they need is GRACE.

All of us want to raise good kids. And we want to be good parents. But what exactly do we mean by “good?” And is “being good” really the point? Mother-daughter team Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson contend that every way we try to make our kids “good” is simply an extension of Old Testament Law—a set of standards that is not only unable to save our children, but also powerless to change them. We must tell our kids of the grace-giving God who freely adopts rebels and transforms them into loving sons and daughters. If this is not the message your children hear, if you are just telling them to “be good,” then the gospel needs to transform your parenting too.

Give Them Grace is a revolutionary perspective on parenting that shows us how to receive the gospel afresh and give grace in abundance, helping our children know the dazzling love of Jesus and respond with heartfelt obedience.

This 4-disc DVD set contains 4 approximately 1-hour sessions from Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson summarizing the contents of their book “Give Them Grace.”


  • 4 DVD Set
  • 4 approx. 60-minute sessions total
  • Study guides purchased separately

Are you exhausted?

Women today really do feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Every morning we are greeted with a long list of to-dos: get the kids up and out the door on time, have a meaningful quiet time, put in a full day at the office, spend an hour at the gym, prepare a healthy and delicious meal (organic and locally grown, of course), and make sure the sink sparkles before you go to bed. Oh, and don’t forget to look great and smile while you’re doing it.

These are all good things to do, of course. But the bigger problem occurs when we start to feel as if our worth is measured by our to-do lists. And the messages we receive at church, on Facebook, and from the media only perpetuate these unrealistic expectations, creating a relentless cycle of exhaustion.

As Elyse Fitzpatrick has traveled this country, she has seen increasing evidence of this weariness epidemic invading our churches and communities. And she has good news for women everywhere: there is hope! God doesn’t judge us by our to-do lists. Instead, He calls us to faith. Free yourself today from the endless stream of bad advice and discover the true rest God offers.


Elyse’s latest videos are also available through online video-on-demand in streaming and download formats. Watch instantly at a lower cost: http://fitzpatrick.pivotshare.com

The Good News for Weary Women DVD set contains 9 sessions from Elyse Fitzpatrick on her new book “Good News for Weary Women”.


  • 4-Disc DVD Set
  • Promo video
  • Introduction: Voices Crying in the Wilderness
  • Videos on chapters 1-8
  • All chapters include leadership training sessions

Explore the refreshing intersection of the liberating truth of the cross and the power of the gospel.

In this three-disc DVD set, counselor and author Elyse Fitzpatrick demonstrates the why and the how of consistently biblical, gospel-centric counseling, whether in the pastor’s study or over coffee with a friend. Along with the book of the same title, this set will aid churches and individuals in ministering to broken and hurting people. Whether just a few friends getting together to fellowship around the gospel or a more formal class of counselors wanting their words to be more Christ-centered this DVD will be a great introduction.

The Counsel From the Cross DVD Set contains 3 approximately 1-hour sessions from Elyse Fitzpatrick summarizing the contents of her book “Counsel from the Cross” (co-authored with Dennis E. Johnson).


  • 3 DVD Set
  • 3 approx. 60-minute sessions total
  • Study guides purchased separately (below)

Eight Days of Surprises New! 

Join us on a thoughtful journey through the most sacred of all weeks in the Christian calendar.

Beginning with his joyous reception on Palm Sunday and progressing through the week spent with his friends in Bethany and his accusers in Jerusalem, on through his anguished prayer beneath Olive branches and grief-stricken cries on Calvary, then culminating at the shocking discovery in another garden.

Easter week truly embodies the pinnacle and essence of the Christian faith. It is not what anyone would ever have expected and yet everything we hope for hangs on the truth of this strange and utterly surprising story. If this story is not the truth Christians are, as Paul wrote, the most pitiable, pathetic people on earth (1 Corinthians 15:19).

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