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Frequently Asked Questions

Will IBCD become a paid-content only site

No. We are not changing the day-to-day format of the site, nor are we moving any existing content free content or videos behind a paywall. If you don’t want to pay for IBCD content, your experience will remain the same as it is today. We created the subscription plan because we have great ideas for new additional content, and we need audience support to develop and produce the ideas.

Does this mean there won't be new features for non-paying members?

Don’t worry! We’re going to keep rolling out new features for everyone in addition to member-exclusive content. We a committed to providing mp3 audios on the website and in the IBCD Resource App for free as we’ve found the archive to be a great benefit to everybody.

Will the cost of my subscription increase once I've signed up?

Costs will never increase in the middle of any subscription term. As is the case with inflation, if our costs increase, we may increase the cost of a membership. If costs increase, we’ll notify you via email and private message on IBCD prior to renewing your subscription at the new rate.

How do I purchase a gift subscription?

Sorry, but we don’t offer gift subscriptions at this time. The Supporting Church Program is an option for granting access to a group of individuals.

What if I want to cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by going to the “Subscription” tab on your profile and selecting “Cancel.” Future billing will be canceled immediately and your access to exclusive videos will stop at the end of the current billing cycle. Refunds are not processed automatically. If you need to request a refund, you must email us at

When does my subscription go into effect?

Subscriptions go into effect immediately after payment is received and processed.