Institute Outlines (2019)

Click each session title for a PDF file of the outline.


The 2019 Pre-Conference: Essentials

Scott Mehl “The Calling of Every Christian”

Scott Mehl “The Art of Gospel Care”

Scott Mehl “The Centrality of Love”

Scott Mehl “Knowing One Another” 

Scott Mehl “Serving One Another”

Scott Mehl “Speaking to One Another” 

Scott Mehl “Gospeling One Another, pt. 1”

Scott Mehl “Gospeling One Another, pt. 2”


The 2019 Institute: Identity Crisis

General Session 1

Deepak Reju “I am Chosen”


Workshop 1

Greg Gifford “As a Good Soldier of Christ”

Jonathan Rourke “Get Over Yourself!” 

Elyse Fitzpatrick “Who Am I?”

Jenn Chen “I am not my Ethnicity or Culture”  (PowerPoint Slides)

Brian Borgman “I am My Upbringing: Moving Beyond Family & Identity”

Milton Vincent “Abounding in Hope and Able to Counsel”

Curtis Solomon “I am Successful” (No outline provided)



General Session 2

Jeremy PierreI am a Sinner”


Workshop 2

Shannon McCoy “Keep Yourselves from Idols”

Joy Forrest “I am not a Victim: Overcoming Domestic Abuse”

George Scipione “You are Your Calling”

Keith Palmer “How Christ Transforms Us in our Diseases and Disabilities”

Milton Vincent “Be Not Wise in Your Own Eyes”

Ernie Baker “I am Called to Ministry”

Jim Newheiser “I am not Defined by my Sexuality”

Deepak Reju “I am Dating the Wrong Guy”


General Session 3

Keith PalmerI am United with Christ” 


Workshop 3

Caroline Newheiser “I am a Ministry Wife”

Joy Forrest “I am not Scarred for Life: Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse”

George Scipione “You are Your Gender”

Keith Palmer “Addiction, Identity, and the Gospel”

Jeremy Pierre “I am Worthless: Overcoming Self-Hate”

Eileen Scipione “Finding my Identity as a Biblical Counselor”

Greg Gifford “The Beginning of Knowledge”

Jim Newheiser “I am a Grandparent”

Deepak Reju “I am a Porn Struggler”


Workshop 4

Caroline Newheiser “I am not the Opinions of Others”

Curtis Solomon “PTSD: Moving Past Trauma” (No outline provided)

Keith Palmer “Helping Abuse Survivors Find Identity in Christ”

Brian Borgman “I am my Ministry: Perspectives on Life and Calling”

Greg Gifford “Fit for Duty”

Ernie Baker “Counseling Systems and the Labels that Become Identity”

Jim Newheiser “I am not my Love Language”

George Scipione “You are a Prophet, Priest, and King”


General Session 4

Jeremy Pierre & Deepak Reju “I am Sanctified”



General Session 5

Greg Gifford “I am a Child of God”


General Session 6

Jim Newheiser “I will be Glorified”