Brian Borgman


Save the Saints: The Church’s Role and Responsibility in Rescuing the Wandering

The perseverance of the saints is a community effort at finishing the race together. What happens when one stops running? The church community is called to action, to rescue the wandering, to “save the saints.” In this session Brian Borgman uses James 5:19-20 to show us how eternally important it is that we go after wandering prodigals.

Pastoral Lessons from Dealing with Addictions

During 25 years of ministry, we have seen many struggle with addiction. We have made many mistakes, we have seen people abandon the faith, but we have also seen God rescue souls. This session will focus on pastoral lessons learned and will also feature the testimonies of some who repented and were restored.

Critiquing Evangelical Arguments for Same-Sex Relationships

In recent years both scholarly and popular attempts to reinterpret what the Bible says about homosexuality have grown significantly. This session will help biblical counselors to understand these arguments, so that they can engage and help those who have been exposed to them.

The Necessity of the Holy Spirit in Counseling

The work of the Holy Spirit is the only thing that can bring about lasting and God-honoring change. As biblical counselors we are dependent upon the Spirit to work powerfully in the entire counseling situation, both through us and in the lives of our counselees.

Continuationists, Cessationists, and Counseling

If the Holy Spirit is necessary in our counseling, what exactly is His role? What gifts does He employ? This session will briefly sketch the theological positions and identify how each position impacts our view of the Spirit’s role in counseling and the sufficiency of God’s Word.