Charles Hodges


CDC2-31. Counseling People With a Psychological Diagnosis

Many counselees are living with a prior psychological diagnosis. How can we help them with compassion and humility? This session will help you learn to speak biblically to heart and life issues of counselees regardless of diagnosis.

031 Interview with Charles Hodges

Keynote speaker Dr. Charles Hodges speaks with Craig about counseling people with addictions from his perspective as a medical doctor. They also discuss the process of filming the IBCD Observation video on bipolar disorder. This interview was recorded live at the 2017 Institute "Addictions: Grace for the Journey."

Medicine and Biblical Sufficiency

Biblical Counseling has been shaped by the doctrine of sufficiency. We will examine how that doc-trine and the science of medicine interact when we encounter those with worry, depression, OCD, and other emotional struggles. Can the Bible help when we counsel those with medical emotional labels?  

Paying attention to ADHD

Is ADHD a disease or an important difference? This session defines ADHD, explores various contributing factors and offers hope and help from the Scriptures for families struggling with raising a hyperactive child.

Thinking Biblically about OCD

How do we counsel individuals with OCD? What role does a disordered brain have in this process? How does knowing about pathology help the struggler? This session explores questions about OCD through the lens of Scripture.

What’s Medical About Mental Illness?

Is mental illness due to sin or disease? This session discusses the controversy on this topic, discusses biblical definitions of illness and sin and offers suggestions for how to be helpful in the midst of the controversy.