Curtis Solomon


Ministering to Families with Disabilities

Regardless of the nature of the disability, its impact will be far-reaching. The disabled person is clearly affected, but so are those who have a relationship with that person, and they need the loving support of others. This session will encourage people to consider how the network of relationships in community, particularly in the church, can minister to the family affected by disability. 

Demystifying PTSD

Receiving the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be scary or even debilitating to a person. It can also be intimidating to a biblical counselor who wants to help. The goal of this session is to pull back the shroud of mystery that makes PTSD so scary for both counselor and counselee, and offer the assurance that God’s Word does address this challenging issue. 


Helping the Individual Through PTSD {Transcript}

If you help people read the Bible through the lens of the suffering and difficulty that life has always held since the fall of mankind into sin. It can help them understand that they’re not alone. When they see the story of David who was a combat veteran, who went out, killed people, decapitated them, mutilated the dead bodies of his enemies to get his dowry, and then in Psalms 6, he’s describing sleepless nights where he’s soaking his couch in tears and his enemies surround him and he’s wrestling with these realities, that begins to help people connect their story to the story of scripture in a way that helps them understand, they are not alone.

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Demystifying PTSD {Transcript}

This afternoon, you’ll actually get a chance to meet a couple of their instructors and learn a little bit more about that program throughout the day. So, that’s a little bit of my background. Why I am interested in this topic and why I want to share with you a little bit about counseling from the biblical perspective in helping those wrestling with post traumatic stress. So, the talk this morning, this session is called Demystifying PTSD, because I really want to help people understand post traumatic stress in a way that takes away some of the stigma. Some of the fears, some of the confusion that often shrouds this very difficult issue. For starters, the diagnostic and statistical manual, the DSM, which is the book that is used by psychologists and psychiatrists to diagnose and then, offer treatment for various different mental health issues. Defines post traumatic stress disorder as “an issue, a disorder, that arises in somebody after … One month after or anytime after one month from experiencing a traumatic event. And it is involves certain systems that are kind of clustered around three different areas”.

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