Elyse Fitzpatrick


021 Interview with Elyse Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Craig Marshall sat down with dynamic writer and teacher Elyse Fitzpatrick. Spend some time learning more about Elyse's unique history and passion for Biblical Counseling. She will also share her thoughts on ‘Screen Addiction,’ a topic she will be tackling at the upcoming Summer Institute 2017.

Longing for an Identity

From the moment Eve chose to go her own way, women have sought out a myriad of identities, continuing to weave fig leaf cover-ups that fail to satisfy. Where can women find a lasting identity that will satisfy the deep need for relationship with a loving, welcoming Father?

Your Written Word

Think you want to be a writer? Want to know more about the publishing process? Author Elyse Fitzpatrick shares insights gained from her own writing process and encourages would-be-authors to remember the primary purpose of their message is to give grace to those who hear.

Am I My Sisters Keeper?

The Good Shepherd keeps His sheep. What is our role in keeping  our sisters? This workshop shows how our care for one another flows out of His care for us. It begins with our own transparency and humility as we confess our sins and allow our sisters to help keep us.

OCD: The Far Side of Fear

Learning to treasure the Lord brings peace to burdened minds. This session gives a biblical perspective on counseling those with OCD and concludes with concrete examples of steps to take worrisome thoughts captive with Scriptural truths.

Christ’s Word To Worriers

Biblically “worry” or “anxiety” means to be drawn in different directions, to be distracted; to have anxious or distracting care. This session will help you to give gospel centered counseling to worriers by rooting the gospel obligations of Scripture in the gospel declarations.

What To Say When The World Caves In

How should you counsel the suffering? This workshop draws lessons from the book of Job, what his friends teach us about mistakes we can make in counseling and how we can avoid those mistakes as we seek to help those whose world has caved in.

Not In The Mood Sexual Problems In Marriage

God intends for husbands and wives to be united in intimacy but some women struggle greatly in this area. This workshop discusses sex in marriage as an adventure of devotion, delight and dependence on the Lord for grace, generosity and desire to find joy in pleasing your spouse.

Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition

What is your self-image, how do you see yourself and why should you care? This workshop contrasts the lies the world whispers to us about ourselves with how our Savior wants us to see ourselves.

Counseling as a Team

Have you considered counseling as a team? This session discusses the benefits of counseling with a spouse or team member and shows how it glorifies God and can be advantageous both for the counselors and the counselees.