Elyse Fitzpatrick


Counterfeit Heavens: How Treasuring Our Eternal Home Invalidates Addiction’s Lies

Everyone of us is homesick. We’re all longing for our true Home in heaven with all the redeemed and the Lord Jesus Christ. Because we suffer with this homesickness, we try to fill the void with fleeting pleasures that become habitual and turn into addictions. The way out of addiction is to wait patiently for the joys that are to come, and to live in the hope of the promises of God: Jesus has gone on before us as a forerunner guaranteeing our safe arrival and complete satisfaction and joy.

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Addicted to Shiny Things: Why & How to Find Freedom in the Age of the Internet

To say that we are addicted to our screens is axiomatic. As I wrote and researched this talk, I was in front of a screen. In this presentation, I will discuss a brief history of technologies, how they were received historically, how they changed the world for good and ill, and how pervasive this one is in our lives. I will talk about reasons to unplug (and levels of “unplugged-ness”) and ways to accom-plish that, all in the light of the gospel.

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Longing for an Identity

From the moment Eve chose to go her own way, women have sought out a myriad of identities, continuing to weave fig leaf cover-ups that fail to satisfy. Where can women find a lasting identity that will satisfy the deep need for relationship with a loving, welcoming Father?

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Your Written Word

Think you want to be a writer? Want to know more about the publishing process? Author Elyse Fitzpatrick shares insights gained from her own writing process and encourages would-be-authors to remember the primary purpose of their message is to give grace to those who hear.

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Am I My Sisters Keeper?

The Good Shepherd keeps His sheep. What is our role in keeping  our sisters? This workshop shows how our care for one another flows out of His care for us. It begins with our own transparency and humility as we confess our sins and allow our sisters to help keep us.

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