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Help Translate Jeremy & Crystal

Muchos de ustedes nos han contactado respecto a la necesidad de recursos y capacitaciones de consejería bíblica en español. Estamos  gustosos de anunciar que finalmente tenemos una respuesta. La Fuente, una iglesia en Quito-Ecuador, esta dispuesta a realizar el doblaje en español de nuestros Videos de Observación " Jeremy y Crystal"  dirigidos a la consejería en un caso de pornografía.

Articles & Handouts

5 Resources for Helping Sexual Abuse Victims

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are virtually overwhelmed with the hashtag #metoo, identifying people who have suffered at the hands of an abuser.As each high profile case hits the headlines, our hearts are burdened by the victim’s suffering and we long to help. Over the years, IBCD has invited pastors and counselors to share with us how to speak the truth of God's love tenderly to those who have been abused. The Word of God is a powerful comfort that rescues the weak and needy (Ps 82:1-4). We want you to know that these solid, biblical resources are now located together in one place and can be easily accessed as you seek to minister the love of God.

The Sin Test

A compilation of helpful questions for use in probing the heart for places where sin might be harbored. This can be helpful in drawing out and identifying sin.

Seven Steps of Parenting

A weekly log for parents to record their implementation of seven elements of good parenting. Examples include praising the children and being a proper example.

Solutions to Fear

A handout of Scripture passages specifically related to eight common fears with suggestions for how to overcome them.

Self-Sacrificing Love

A handout detailing 20 aspects of the self-sacrificing love described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. The negative, positive and extra aspects of such love are detailed in rich description.

Questions Mentors Ask

A list of 15 questions for use in counseling and discipleship. These questions are helpful for anyone seeking to come alongside someone and help them articulate what is in their heart.

Reading Report Form

A one-page reflection sheet that can be used in accompaniment with any reading assignment. This sheet is designed to help counselees engage with and apply the material.

Problem-Solution Sheet

A worksheet with a 4-step graphic organizer designed to aid counselees in reflecting on a particular problem they face, their current response to it and how to respond biblically.

Personality Inventory Chart

An extensive assignment for family members to reflect on themselves and one another. Topics include identifying qualities and characteristics, determining patterns of conflict, and understanding communication styles.