Keith Palmer


035 Interview with Keith Palmer

How can churches create a culture of discipleship? Workshop speaker Keith Palmer talks with Craig Marshall about how he came into biblical counseling, his work with ACBC, and how his church practices one-another care. This interview was recorded live at the 2017 Institute "Addictions: Grace for the Journey."

Crafting Temptation and Repentance Plans to Help Addicts

Addressing temptation and practicing biblical repentance are two keys for counseling success in ministry to addicts. This workshop will aid counselors in creating specific biblical action plans for counselees to utilize when temptation arises or repentance is needed.

Basic Principles, Procedures, and Strategies for Counseling Addictions

Addiction cases can be some of the most complicated cases in counseling ministry.  This workshop will present a toolbox of biblical principles applied to various aspects of counseling those struggling with addictions.