Scott Mehl


The Centrality of Love for Counseling

In our efforts to help, counsel, and disciple others, we seek to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills for the task.  But, in our attempt to be good counselors, good disciplers, or even just good friends, we can skip right past the fundamental requirement to all personal ministry: to love.  In this session we’ll explore why loving those we’re ministering to and caring for is so centrally important to the work we’ve all been called to.

Counseling Sexual Struggles in Marriage

Sexual struggles are some of the most common, yet unaddressed, difficulties for many married couples.  To help a couple grow in their marriage will often involve counseling them through their sexual struggles.  But, as always, biblical counsel must begin with a clear biblical vision for what God created sex to be and how couples should view and understand it rightly in light of that design.

The Gospel and Mental Health

We hear every day that our nation and our communities are in the midst of a mental health crisis.  But, what exactly is mental health?  Does the Bible have anything to say about it?  How can we, as Christians, understand what the world calls mental health?  And what, if anything, do biblical counselors have to offer to those struggling with these common and serious problems?

Listening and Ministering to Eating Disorders

How do we understand the dynamics of eating disorders and how do we interpret them as caused by both sin and suffering? This session wiil seek to answer these questions from a biblical perspective and discuss how the gospel offers hope and help in the midst of the struggle.