Shannon McCoy


Interview with Shannon McCoy pt 2

Craig continues speaking with counselor and speaker Shannon McCoy about the issue of "instant gratification" and how to cultivate spiritual disciplines to counterbalance this problem. Shannon also describes what it is like to be a woman in the biblical counseling world and how she creates different opportunities to practice one-another care.

Gospel Hope for Instant Gratification Junkies

Instant gratification junkies are hooked on immediate satisfaction at any cost. This trap can make you susceptible to addictions, anger, jealousy, and negative impulsive behaviors. The pursuit of instant gratification has detrimental effects on your Christian walk. When there is a problem, you want God to fix things quickly. When He does not, you take matters into your own hands making the situation ultimately worse. This seminar will expose the heart issues of instant gratification and will show how the gospel can help you escape the instant gratification trap.

Complaining: Rewriting the Story God is Writing

Do you find yourself complaining about the past—wishing you could rewrite your story? In this session you will learn that complaining is a very powerful sin that tries to undo what God has done and is doing. Be encouraged! God invites you to embrace the story He is writing.