Found In Him DVD Set

Found In Him DVD Set


This 4-disc DVD set contains 10 20-minute sessions from Elyse Fitzpatrick on her new book “Found in Him”.


  • 4 DVD Set
  • 10 20-minute sessions total
  • Promotional trailer included on disc 4
  • Study guides purchased separately

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We Were Lost. Now We’re Found…in Him.

Everyone has experienced isolation and alienation. We lost more than a nice home when we were banished from Eden. We lost relationship with God and with each other.

But then God did the unthinkable. The Son of God became the Man Christ Jesus: one of us that we might be united to him.

In this ten-part video series, Elyse Fitzpatrick explores the wonder of the incarnation and the glory of our union with Christ, offering us a sure path to ultimate acceptance and true belonging through the power of the gospel


These videos are also available through online video-on-demand in streaming and download formats. Watch instantly at a lower cost:


  1. Craig Marshall

    “It’s hard for me to capture how thankful I am for this book. As Elyse is so skilled at doing, she has taken the doctrine of our union with Christ, which sits and collects dust on the shelves of most Christians’ theology and has little impact on their living, and displayed for us the beauty of its transformative power. When you don’t understand the essential provisions that have been made for you in your union with Christ, you sadly spend your life shopping for what is already yours in him. I will recommend and give away this book again and again and will celebrate with new enthusiasm that I have been found in him!”

    Paul David Tripp, President, Paul Tripp Ministries; author, What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

  2. Craig Marshall

    “Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a theological thrill ride. I’m not talking about spiritual entertainment—you best look elsewhere for that. But if you are looking to understand one of the most profound and moving mysteries of the Christian life—as Elyse puts it, ‘the soul-consoling, heart-transforming, zeal-engendering’ of Christ’s incarnation and union with us—well, you’ve found the book you absolutely need to read.”

    Mark Galli, editor, Christianity Today

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