Counsel From The Cross Study Guide

Counsel From The Cross Study Guide


This study guide corresponds with the “Counsel from the Cross” DVD Set.  It has notes for each session as well as questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

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About Counsel from the Cross

Explore the refreshing intersection of the liberating truth of the cross and the power of the gospel to move counselees and impart hope.

In this three-disc DVD set, counselor and author Elyse Fitzpatrick demonstrates the why and the how of consistently biblical, gospel-centric counseling, whether in the pastor’s study or over coffee with a friend.

Along with the book of the same title, this set will aid churches and individuals in ministering to broken and hurting people. Whether just a few friends getting together to fellowship around the gospel or a more formal class of counselors wanting their words to be more Christ-centered this DVD will be a great introduction.


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