Found In Him Study Guide

Found In Him Study Guide


This study guide corresponds with the Found in Him DVD Set. It has notes for each session as well as questions for personal reflection or group discussion. Discounts are available for 50+ or 100+. If you are making an order larger than 200 please call us for additional details.

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We Were Lost. Now We’re Found…in Him.

Everyone has experienced isolation and alienation. We lost more than a nice home when we were banished from Eden. We lost relationship with God and with each other.

But then God did the unthinkable. The Son of God became the Man Christ Jesus: one of us that we might be united to him.

In this ten-part video series, Elyse Fitzpatrick explores the wonder of the incarnation and the glory of our union with Christ, offering us a sure path to ultimate acceptance and true belonging through the power of the gospel


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