‘Dan & Debbie’ Handbook

‘Dan & Debbie’ Handbook

We’ve designed our Observation Handbook to perfectly compliment the “Dan & Debbie” Observation Videos by including the “Personal Data Inventory” (PDI) for each of the counselees as well as note taking forms and questions for each case based on the ACBC Case Report Form. Answers are also provided at the end of the Handbook. The “Dan & Debbie” Videos may be purchased separately

About “Dan & Debbie”
After 22 years of marriage and four children, Dan and Debbie find themselves entrenched in marital conflict and resentment. Opposing underlying assumptions about the proper management of their home and children seem to keep driving them apart. Like many Christian couples they have slipped into sinful patterns, focusing on the shortcomings in their spouse while making excuses for their own sin.

Can they both be right in their disagreements? Who should have the final say in the discipline of the children? How can they be in love again when they are both so dissatisfied by the other?

In this case you will watch firsthand as Dan and Debbie learn to extend grace to one another and how that applies to all areas of life.

“Dan & Debbie” Videos
The videos for this Student Handbook can be purchased as DVDs or digitally to stream (rent) or download (buy) in our Video on Demand format.


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