‘Aaron & Ellie’ Counseling Care for Bipolar Disorder

‘Aaron & Ellie’ Counseling Care for Bipolar Disorder


About “Aaron & Ellie”
Aaron and Ellie have turned to biblical counseling on the heels of Aaron’s most recent manic episode which ended in his hospitalization. Aaron has had several such episodes over the years and this time Ellie feels that she is at her wit’s end. The couple’s finances are in shambles and they are clueless as to how to pick up the pieces.

What is wrong with Aaron anyway? If he really has the Holy Spirit shouldn’t he be able to control himself? Does the Bible really have anything to say that can help this couple?

In these five sessions you will watch as physician and ACBC counselor Dr. Charles Hodges ministers to them with the help and hope found in the Word of God.


About Observation Videos:
Each of the IBCD Observation Videos meets requirements for IBCD CDC Level 3 or ACBC Certification.

This three-disc DVD set contains a total of 4, approximately 1-hour sessions plus a bonus 15 minute session. After each session, the counselor talks about what just took place.

We’ve designed our Aaron & Ellie Observation Handbook to perfectly compliment these videos by including the “Personal Data Inventory” (PDI) for each of the counselees as well as note taking forms and questions for each case based on the ACBC Case Report Form. Answers are also provided. Student Handbooks may be purchased separately and we recommend one per person watching the videos.

This product is also available in Video On Demand format.

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