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015 Interview with Brian Borgman {Transcript}

David Wojnicki:
In the realm of biblical counseling we find that people come and they’ll sit across from us and emotions are very much on the forefront of at least people’s dispositions if you will. What is some of the encouragement or counsel that you would give to somebody who’s a biblical counselor who is potentially dealing with somebody who’s in an emotionally charged situation? What are the things that you’d say hey be aware of this, be cautious of this? Is there some practical insights that you might give just right off the top of your head?

Brian Borgman:
Yeah. I would say that as a biblical counselor, one, we can’t afford to ignore the way people end up feeling. Whether you’re dealing with somebody that needs to forgive somebody or you’re dealing with a person that has uncontrolled anger, the fact is that the emotions play a significant role. You have to be aware not just of faulty thinking patterns or sinful behavior patterns, but how are the emotions at play here? Are they driving the person, which is often the case.

I would say then secondly that we need to be very much aware of the relationship between the way that we think and the way that we feel. At least in my perspective, one of the burdens of biblical counseling is to get people thinking biblically which in turn, I think, helps realign their emotions.

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015 Interview with Brian Borgman

This interview was recorded live on-site at the 2016 IBCD Summer Institute entitled Disordered Desires: Bringing Grace to Modern Sexuality. Our guest is Brian Borgman from Grace Community Church in Minden Nevada. In this episode our host David Wojnicki and Brian Borgman discuss his book Feelings and Faith and how emotions play an important role when counseling. They also spend some time on Pastor Borgman’s other book, After They Are Yours: The Grace and Grit of Adoption, and discuss how to be compassionate to parents of adopted children. They finish the conversation with Brian expressing his desire for biblical counselors to be engaged in and equipped to address issues regarding same-sex attraction in love and gentleness.

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