How Grace Empowers Us to Overcome Sexual Idolatry

Disordered sexual desires are ultimately a problem of worship. We seek ultimate satisfaction from earthly things, which become our idols. This session shows how the gospel forgives our idolatries and adulteries and transforms us into worshipers whose greatest delight is in God. Audio note: Due to some technical difficulties the first 20 minutes of this audio recording is poor quality. We are looking into ways make this content available with a better quality recording. 

Home: How Heaven and the New Earth Will Satisfy Our Deepest Longings

In this world of fear, trials and loneliness counselees often feel adrift, like they’re searching for a place where they can truly make themselves at home. This session explores heaven, the afterlife and the comfort that can be found in knowing our true final destination.

Critiquing Evangelical Arguments for Same-Sex Relationships

In recent years both scholarly and popular attempts to reinterpret what the Bible says about homosexuality have grown significantly. This session will help biblical counselors to understand these arguments, so that they can engage and help those who have been exposed to them.

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