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Hope & Help Friendship Discussion Panels

Friendship Discussion Panels

In lieu of our yearly Training Institute, which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, our podcast host, Christine Chappell sat down with some of our scheduled speakers to discuss the topic of friendship. If you missed the Facebook live, please feel free to watch the videos below. Although we split up our male and female speakers, the conversations are not specific to men and women. We are grateful for our guests and their wisdom on this important topic!

Women’s Discussion Panel

Join guests Jenn Chen, Shannon McCoy, Fawn Kemble, and host Christine Chappell as they talk about friendship in the contexts of loneliness, cultural diversity, marriage, grief, and singleness.

Men’s Discussion Panel

Join guests Jonathan Holmes, Curtis Solomon, Scott Mehl, and host Christine Chappell as they talk about how men can forge meaningful, Christ-centered relationships with each other, and between the opposite sex.