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Originally founded in 1982 as CCEF West, IBCD exists to strengthen churches in one-another care through training resources and events.

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The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship

We exist to strengthen churches and individuals in one-another care, by offering training, counseling resources, events, and free materials that help them better help others.

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Subscription plans to suit your unique needs

On a Group or Supporting Church Plan, you can invite friends to take any IBCD course with you. Set a schedule for completion, track member progress, lead discussions, & more. Our Individual Subscription is also available for learners desiring to go at their own pace.

Observe Counseling

See how to integrate what you’ve learned into actual counseling

Our unique IBCD Observation videos feature leading biblical counselors who illustrate a variety of issues like marriage conflict, pornography, and bipolar disorder. Watch these scenarios come to life and learn how to naviage each situation biblically.

Get Training

Learn at your own pace

We have designed our flexible video curriculum to be studied individually or with a group of any size. Learn the general principles involved in biblical counseling and how they interact with complex topics such as addiction, domestic abuse, and more. Our training features Dr. Jim Newheiser along with other top counselors.

Access Premium Counseling Training

Get complete access to every training resource in our growing library.

Upcoming Events

June 20, 2024

The Summer Institute

Pre-Conference: Medicine & the Gospel

God has created us as embodied souls with both an inner man and an outer man. How do our physical bodies impact our spiritual growth?

How do we counsel people who are struggling with physical challenges?

When is the use of medicine appropriate, and how should we counsel with respect to our society’s view of mental illness and medicine?

We’re excited to explore these questions and more!

Come be equipped and inspired to respond to these topics biblically.

June 20-22, 2024

Main Event

Life Together: Nurturing Relationships for Eternal Purposes

God has placed us in relationships that will impact one another for eternity.  Join us at our 2024 IBCD Summer Institute, where we’ll delve into the profound significance of nurturing relationships for these eternal purposes.

From fostering healthy dynamics between believers and unbelievers, to responding to family conflicts, to cultivating friendships rooted in faith, this conference offers a transformative journey into the complexities of relationship building.

Come be equipped and inspired to  adopt an eternal mindset.


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