As a small non-profit, it’s your support that enables us to produce quality training resources like last year’s new Domestic Abuse Resource Handbook, which is now being studied all across the country. The response we have heard has been so encouraging, and is a reminder of how directly we can impact lives in the church. Praise God! 
Your support is also what enables us to keep providing free audios in our always-growing Resource Library. Uniquely, IBCD remains a wide-reaching distributor of free teaching. Our newest addition to our free resources is our Hope & Help Podcast. In 2020, we hosted a number of helpful conversations about one another care, which are available for free. Your giving helps us give. 
At the beginning of 2021, we released Intro to Messy Care & Discipleship. This is an important resource to introduce biblical counseling concepts to people in the pews. With approachable teaching and diverse discussion panels, we hope this project helps continue our mission of bringing biblical counseling to local churches.
We are thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness, as well as the faithfulness of supporters like you. Our upcoming plans include making a significant website overhaul, which will help our resources reach even more people. Additionally, we have plans for a virtual conference. For this conference, we’ve asked a donation as a ticket price, but allow some to join at no charge. Your support will help us turn these plans into impactful ministry opportunities. 
Consider making a small donation today, so that we can continue the privilege of helping churches grow in one another care.
Thank you,
The IBCD Team

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