Intro to Messy Care & Discipleship

Intro to Messy Care & Discipleship 

with Scott Mehl

8-Part Video Training + Companion Guide

IBCD’s Intro to (Messy) Care and Discipleship is made up of eight teaching sessions designed to equip small groups to engage in one-another gospel care. Eight roundtable discussions follow each of the teaching sessions, and the companion guide is designed to complement the video resources. This material expands on the content of Scott Mehl’s Loving Messy People: The Messy Art of Helping One Another Become More Like Jesus and demonstrates how every Christian can be used by God to care for the hurting and struggling people around them.

The roundtable discussions are strategically comprised of a diverse collection of pastors, advocates, small group leaders, biblical counselors, and disciplers. They provide an opportunity to learn from the experience of real people who are loving others in the real messes of life. 

The corresponding guide, by Scott Mehl and the IBCD team, is a great resource that can be used individually, in a small group, or in a Sunday school setting. It is filled with a treasure trove of

  • real-life case studies.
  • application questions.
  • prompts for further Bible study.
  • and assignments to put the principles discussed into practice.

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