Loving Messy People by Scott Mehl (Paperback)

Loving Messy People by Scott Mehl (Paperback)


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Life is Messy!

Anxiety. Depression. Lust. Addiction. Trauma. Chronic illness. Unfulfilling work. Ungrateful children. Unpredictable circumstances. Eating problems. Relational problems. Financial problems. Pain. Suffering. Sin.

Life is messy. And nobody escapes it. Your life’s messy. Your friends’ and family’s lives are messy, too. But thankfully, God has a plan to deal with the mess. It involves you, and it involves me. Even with all of our messes, God wants to use every one of us to be part of his glorious rescue plan in each other’s lives.

If you don’t know exactly what to do or even where to start, Loving Messy People is for you. Filled with real-life stories, biblical truth, and practical wisdom, this book will give you the tools and confidence you need to fulfill God’s call to love others in the midst of the mess. Whats more, it will show you, in vivid technicolor, God plans to transform the mess we all face into something redemptive and beautiful.

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