Domestic Abuse Resources

IBCD Observation Case Series

9-Video Training + Resource Handbook

Learn how to confront the evil of domestic abuse with Pastor and Biblical Counselor Chris Moles, author of the book “The Heart of Domestic Abuse”. Pastor and author Jeremy Pierre portrays “Travis”, the counselee. Pierre creates a challenging portrait of an abuser, one who you might never expect. This approach helps illustrate the difficulty for those who encounter abuse for the first time.

Advocate Joy Forrest joins Craig and Darci Marshall of IBCD to round out the case, demonstrating the team-based approach that is imperative for handling the difficulty of abuse dynamics. Post-session debriefs and roundtable discussion also walk viewers through the development of the case. Our prayer is that this practical ministry training will help you grow in your response to domestic abuse, and respond with the heart of Christ toward those who are hurting.