ACBC & IBCD Certification Programs

ACBC Certification & The CDC Program

We believe that certification from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) is a very helpful process for individuals pursuing biblical counseling training, and it is incredibly beneficial to the local church.

All of the training in IBCD Care & Discipleship Levels 1-3 has been designed to assist people in pursuing ACBC Certification. We have found that when people are first introduced to biblical counseling, they are not immediately ready to pursue the rigors of the ACBC Certification process. The CDC program breaks the ACBC Certification process into smaller steps with certificates of completion along the way to indicate overall progress. Part of the CDC process includes submitting exams. These exams will be reviewed by ACBC Certified graders, who will offer you detailed feedback. We have found that participants who complete the CDC program will feel edified, challenged, and prepared as they move towards ACBC Certification.

The complete requirements of the CDC program are not necessary to become certified through ACBC, but they are very helpful. IBCD’s CDC material alone, without the exams, applications, and interviews, can be used to meet ACBC’s requirements. Here is a description of how the CDC Course can be used toward ACBC Certification:

Phase 1.1 of ACBC Certification

Phase 1.1 of ACBC Certification is to complete a 30-hour Basic Training Course. The IBCD CDC Level 1 and Level 2 material is an approved Basic Training Course, satisfying all 30 hours. Watching all of Levels 1 and 2 on DVD, through an Individual Subscription, or listening to it on mp3 satisfies this Phase 1.1 requirement. You do not have to do the CDC assignments, like the exams and interviews, for ACBC Certification. In order to report your completion of the material, you will indicate the following information when you fill out the ACBC application:

Basic Training Course 
Name of Certified Agency: IBCD
Completion Date: date finished listening to/watching the material
City, State: location where training occurred
Instructors and Courses: Jim Newheiser and Charles Hodges, IBCD Care & Discipleship Course


Additionally, you will need to fill out the following form for IBCD’s records:

Fields marked with an * are required

Phase 1.2 of ACBC Certification

Phase 1.2 of ACBC Certification is to complete a minimum of 10 hours of counseling observation of an ACBC certified counselor. This is also a requirement of CDC Level 3. Watching the IBCD Observation Videos, either by physical DVDs or through an Individual Subscription, satisfies this requirement. If your church allows it, you can also satisfy this requirement by observing live counseling. The counselor must be ACBC Certified for this to be an option.

Phase 1.3 of ACBC Certification

Phase 1.3 of ACBC Certification is a reading requirement of 1,000 pages from the Approved Reading List. CDC Level 3 requires you to complete a total of 500 pages of reading from two books on the ACBC Approved Reading List, The Peacemaker by Ken Sande, and Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp.

Phase 1.3 - Phase 3.0

The remaining ACBC requirements are:
Phase 1.3 – finish the remaining 500 pages of reading
Phase 2 – Exams and Application
Phase 3 – Supervised Counseling
More information on ACBC Certification can be found at