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035 Interview with Keith Palmer {Clip 2 | 1:48}

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Biblical counseling, meaning in our view that’s just taking the gospel, taking the scriptures and ministering to hurting people that are struggling with life problems, that has allowed us to evangelize our community in a way consistent with our ecclesiology. What I mean is, we’re not trying to put on a show, we’re not you know, doing entertainment.

We’re not trying to attract people using worldly things. We are trying to minister the gospel to people who are hurting, who have life problems, marriage problems, and we’re doing it in a way that derives from what we believe about what the church should do and be. So for example, I may sit down with somebody in our church for community counseling and I say, “Hey, my name’s Keith, I’m one of the pastors here and I’m thankful you’re here.” We believe that all life problems are really just symptoms of our greatest problem, which is we were made by this creator God, but we’re alienated from him in relationship because of sin, and the personal work of Jesus Christ in his life, death, and resurrection is what restores that relationship and leads to every good thing that he has for us. So that’s how I’m going to counsel you, and this is God’s word, the Bible on my desk, are you okay with that? I’ve never had somebody say no.