Book Review: “But God” by Casey Lute

From the series:

by Rachel Cain

The Focus

The tagline for “But God…” reads, “the two words are the heart of the Gospel”. Casey Lute offers commentary on nine crucial points in Scripture in which we see the God of Salvation enter the picture and save.

This look at the beauty of the gospel inspires a deeper love for the Lord and his redemptive work on the cross. He uses narratives, psalms, and prophecies to outline the culmination of the entire biblical narrative, centered upon the gospel of Christ. Not only is this review of the gospel theologically sound, but it’s also moving. Readers can be reminded of the joy of their salvation as they read of God’s goodness in all aspects of his redemptive plan. In each portion, readers are immersed in Scripture, along with sound interpretation.

Each chapter spotlights the Lord’s thoroughly good character alongside man’s pitiful state. Each chapter reminds the reader that he is not holy, not good, not able to save himself, bound for eternal death, but God is not like man. God offers grace, love, mercy, and salvation. 


This is a readable, straightforward, gospel-saturated book that would be perfectly suited for the counseling room. Lute’s commentary is both accurate and concise, providing a wonderful option for Bible-based homework assignments. With chapter lengths of 5-8 pages, a counselor could assign any portion of this book to a counselee to offer a scripturally sound review of the gospel of Christ.

Along with Scripture passages, a chapter from this book could help instill love and excitement for the gospel while continually pointing back to the word of God. So many counseling problems stem from a misunderstanding of the gospel, which is why its so important for biblical counselors to offer gospel-saturated teaching and homework assignments. This resource can aid that effort, highlighting the gospel truths along with the character of God.

At the close of this book, it would be impossible to miss the glory of the Lord.