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CDC1-06. General Principles of Biblical Counseling 3

Counseling is more than instruction and the greatest progress in counseling is made between sessions. What are some ways we can prepare our counselees for growth between sessions? Why is concrete homework important? This session completes outlining the key elements of biblical counseling.

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Supplemental Resources

  • Adams, Jay, The Christian Counselor’s Manual
  • Adams, Jay, Helps for Counselors
  • Mack, Wayne, A Homework Manual for Biblical Counseling
  • Keller, Timothy, Communication Guidelines
  • Priolo, Lou, Anger ‘Hot Button’ List
  • Priolo, Lou, Christ-Centered or Child-Centered Home.
  • Produced by IBCD, Anger Journal/ Heart Journal
  • Produced by IBCD, Business Travel Plan for Avoiding Sexual Temptation
  • Produced by IBCD, Unfaithfulness Assignment