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CDC1-19. Temptation 2

What is the difference for an unbeliever and a believer who are confronted with temptation? How is idolatry connected with temptation? This session walks through some specific issues involved with temptation such as substance abuse. How can a drunkard or an addict find help to overcome his sin?

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Supplemental Resources

  • Welch, Ed, Addiction: A Banquet in the Grave
  • Playfair, William L., The Useful Lie
  • Fitzpatrick, Elyse , Love to Eat, Hate to Eat
  • Adams, Jay, What do You Do When You Know You’re Hooked?
  • Welch, Ed, Just One More: When Desires Don’t Take No for an Answer
  • Powlison, David, Pornography: Slaying the Dragon
  • Harris, Joshua, Not Even a Hint
  • Piper, John, Sex and the Supremacy of Christ
  • Newheiser, Jim,
  • Newheiser, Jim, The Pain of Porn
  • Mack, Wayne, Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volume 1