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CDC1-20. Understanding the Influences of Nature and Nurture


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To what extent does our body (nature) and relationships (nurture) affect our hearts? We are embodied creatures. However, both our inner and outer person have been affected by the fall. While we reject both genetic determinism and social determinism, we recognize that the Bible teaches that both body and social environment influence the inner person.

Supplemental Resources

  • Welch, Ed, Blame It on the Brain
  • Emlet, Michael, Journal of Biblical Counseling
  • Fitzpatrick, Elyse and Hendrickson, Laura, Will Medicine Stop the Pain?
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    • Jim Newheiser, DMin
      (MA, DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is director of the Christian Counseling program and professor of practical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. He is a fellow of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and a board member of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE).
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