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Hope + Help for the Age of Self with Jen Oshman

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Like the alluring but destructive creatures in Greek mythology, self is a Siren. We are indeed attracted to ourselves. But rooting ourselves in ourselves has led to our ruin. The I-can-do-this self-talk and building ourselves up from the inside has exhausted us. We see now that there is no rest for the one who depends on herself for everything.

– Jen Oshman

About the Episode

In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, Christine Chappell interviews Jen Oshman about her book, Enough About Me: Finding Lasting Joy in the Age of Self, exploring how the gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to look away from ourselves in order to find the abundant life God offers us. During the conversation, Jen explains how the western worldview of "self" has developed over the centuries, and why the progressive shift of placing "self" above all else has reaped devastating consequences in our relationships and communities. She unpacks statements such as, "Do what makes you happy" and "God will never give you more than you can handle," and explains how a biblically-informed view of self contradicts popular approaches to personal purpose and fulfillment. Jen also touches on the panic surrounding the global spread of the coronavirus and offers insights into what the outbreak reveals about the nature of the human heart.

About the Guest

Jen Oshman is a wife, mom, and writer, and has served as a missionary and pastor’s wife for two decades on three continents. She currently resides in Colorado, where her family planted Redemption Parker, an Acts29 church.

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Enough About Me: Finding Lasting Joy in the Age of Self

Women today feel a constant pressure to improve themselves and just never feel like they’re “enough.” They live their daily lives disheartened, disillusioned, and disappointed. That’s because joy doesn’t come from a new self-improvement strategy; it comes from rooting their identity in who God says they are and what he has done on their behalf. This book calls women to look away from themselves in order to find the abundant life God offers them—contrasting the cultural emphasis on personal improvement and empowerment with what the Scriptures say about a life rooted, built up, and established in the gospel.

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