Pre-Conference | Feelings and Faith

Emotions are a vital part of what it means to be a human being made in the image of God and redeemed in Jesus Christ. But often our emotions confuse and mislead us. So what is the proper place for emotions in a Christian’s walk of faith?

From his book, Feelings and Faith, Brian Borgman draws from his extensive biblical knowledge and his pastoral experience to help readers understand both divine and human emotions. After laying a biblical foundation he moves on to practical application, focusing on how Christians can put to death ungodly emotional displays and also cultivate godly emotions.

These biblically informed, practical talks will be helpful for pastors, counselors, and serious-minded Christians who wish to develop a full-orbed faith that encompasses their emotional life.

Location: Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church – Riverside, CA
Date: Thursday June 25th, 2020


Friendship: A Lost Theology for One-Another Care

Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church – Riverside, CA
June 25-27, 2020

Join us for the 2020 IBCD Training Institute, where we will seek to recover a theology of friendship in all the richness these relationships deserve.

In the church, we can sometimes focus so heavily on marriage and family that an imbalance is created. Singles often struggle for community, and those who experience difficult relationships with spouses, parents, and siblings can feel isolated. An overemphasis on the biological family eclipses the truth that God does not mean for loneliness and connection to be answered through marriage alone, but also in close friendships.

Scripture talks about friends who “love at all times” (Prov 17:17) and the help of “a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Prov 18:24) “Jesus wept” over the death of his friend, Lazarus (John 11:11, 35). He describes his disciples, those he invested in and depended on; as friends (John 15:15). We see how “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

Churches looking to better foster a culture of one-another care must cherish and invest in real friendships. They are critical for the kind of long-term counseling that everyone should be engaged in as part of close relationship (Prov 27:6-10).


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Schedule & Info

Thursday 6/25


8:30am      Pre-Conference Registration Begins

9:00am      Session 1

10:15am    Break

10:45am    Session 2

11:45am    Lunch

1:00pm      Session 3

2:30pm      Break

2:45pm      Session 4

3:45pm      Pre-Conference Ends

Training Institute

5:00pm      Conference Registration begins

6:00pm      General Session 1:  Jonathan Holmes – A Theology of Friendship

7:20pm      Break

7:45pm      Workshop 1

  • Craig Marshall “Seeing & Seeking Embodied Beauty, Part 1 of 3”
  • Kim Davis “Growing a Women’s Ministry that Cultivates ‘One-Anothering’ Friendship” (For Women Only)
  • Shelbi Cullen “Titus 2 Friendships for Women”
  • Scott Mehl “Friendships between Men & Women”
  • PJ & Frances Tibayan “Echo Chambers & Friendship”
  • Milton Vincent “Bearing One Another’s Burdens”
  • Fawn Kemble “Friendship in the Digital Age”

9:00pm      Dismiss


Friday 6/26

8:30am      Refreshments available

9:00am      General Session 2: Scott Mehl – Learning to Listen in Love 

10:20am    Break

10:45am    Workshop 2

  • Craig Marshall “Seeing & Seeking Embodied Beauty, Part 2 of 3”
  • Anna Mondal “Friendship and Sexual Trauma”
  • Shannon McCoy “Diversity in Friendship”
  • Jim Newheiser “Reconciling Broken Friendships”
  • Fawn Kemble “Singleness & Friendship”
  • Sue Roberts “Friendship for Grieving Parents”
  • Milton Vincent “Paul & Friendship”
  • Jonathan Holmes “Threats to Biblical Friendship”

11:45pm    Lunch

1:30pm      Workshop 3  

  • Craig Marshall “Seeing & Seeking Embodied Beauty, Part 3 of 3”
  • Ana Jackson “Widening the Circle: Friendships in Leadership”
  • Keith Palmer “Men & Friendship”
  • Caroline Newheiser “Friendships with Children & Youth”
  • Curtis Solomon “Friendships Outside of Marriage”
  • PJ Tibayan “The Trinity & The Christian Life”
  • Jenn Chen “Friendship with your Husband”

2:45pm      Break

3:00pm      General Session 3: Milton Vincent – The Importance of Community for a Renewed Mind

4:15pm      Break

4:30pm      Workshop 4

  • Eileen Scipione “Avoiding Gossip in Friendship”
  • Shannon McCoy “Forgiveness & Friendship”
  • Jim Newheiser “Proverbs & Friendship”
  • Frances Tibayan “Friendship with ‘Enemies’”
  • Scott Mehl “No Life Without Love”
  • Milton Vincent “A Good and Loving Friend”

5:45pm      Dinner

7:15pm      Workshop 5

  • Caroline Newheiser “Female Friendships in the Bible”
  • Jim Newheiser “Confronting Friends”
  • Curtis Solomon “Friendships in Marriage”
  • Jonathan Holmes “Forging Biblical Friendships”
  • Eileen Scipione “Hospitality & Friendship”
  • Keith Palmer “Friendship & Enabling”
  • Fawn Kemble “Grief & Friendship”

8:30pm      Dismiss

Saturday 6/27

8:30am      Refreshments available

9:00am      Workshop 6

  • Shannon McCoy “Loneliness & Friendship”
  • Keith Palmer “Conflict & Friendship”
  • Curtis Solomon “Friendship with ‘Enemies’”
  • Jonathan Holmes “Jonathan & David”
  • Eileen Scipione “Friendships with Adult Children”
  • Barb Mulvey “Friendship after Trauma”

10:15am    Break

10:45am    General Session 4: Jim Newheiser – Wise Words Among Friends

12:00pm    Conference ends

Browse All Workshop Topics & Speakers

This year, please select the workshops you wish to attend as you register.

Workshop Slot 1 —Thursday 6/25 | 8:00pm

Craig Marshall “Seeing & Seeking Embodied Beauty, Part 1”

Whether we’re conscious about it or not, we daily make many decisions about the importance of our bodily appearance. We can easily oscillate between the temptations to disregard our bodies or idolize them. In this session we’ll consider why physical beauty matters, God’s relationship to beauty, and what that means for us as those who are made in his image.

Kim Davis “Growing a Women’s Ministry that Cultivates ‘One-Anothering’ Friendship”

Knowing that the love of Christ is a catalyst of biblical friendship, let’s consider ways of developing Women’s Ministry to nurture true biblical friendships in the local body of Christ. We’ll look at the biblical foundation and together we’ll interactively identify various practical elements through which we cultivate the growth of friendship through the one-another’s of the Word of God.

Shelbi Cullen “Titus 2 Friendships for Women”

Titus 2 offers a guide for friendships between older and younger women. How can we apply God’s word to these specific types of age-gap friendships?

Scott Mehl “Friendships between Men & Women”

What does an appropriate relationship between a Christian man and a Christian woman look like?  Too often, in the church, we have spent so much time detailing the problems and potential dangers of male/female relationships that we have failed to communicate the positive vision God gives us in his word for how men and women ought to relate to one another as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.  In this session we’ll explore not only how men and women can be friends, but why they ought to be.

PJ & Frances Tibayan “Echo Chambers & Friendship”

This workshop will consider the pitfalls of creating echo chambers in friendships. What is the value of differing gifts and opinions in Christian friendship?

Milton Vincent “Bearing One Another’s Burdens”

What does it mean to bear the burdens of another? Are there any limits to bearing one another’s burdens? This workshop will use instruction from Galatians 6:1-5.

Fawn Kemble “Friendship in the Digital Age”

Let’s be honest, these days much of our interaction with our friends is happening via text, social media, or some other digital space. This workshop will break down some of the pros and cons of this kind of communication and the effects it has on friendships, and look at how we can continue to build deep, personal, godly relationships with our friends in the midst of this online world.

Workshop Slot 2 — Friday 6/26 | 10:45am

Craig Marshall “Seeing & Seeking Embodied Beauty, Part 2”

Most of us implicitly have adopted a small standard for physical beauty which negatively affects how we view ourselves and others. In this session we’re going to examine the multifaceted ways our bodies display beauty, and how we can grow in our ability to see and admire it. We will also discuss some of the harm that comes from incomplete views of bodily beauty.

Anna Mondal “Friendship and Sexual Trauma”

Sexual violence is the twisting and shattering of something that should be beautiful—trustworthy human relationship. As victims struggle to rebuild relational safety, they may choose to either idealize friendship or forego it altogether. How does Jesus model friendship, offer it to us, and mend us in the context of human connection?

Shannon McCoy “Diversity in Friendship”

Have you ever wondered why God created a world with a mosaic of cultures? In this workshop, you will discover the beauty, value, and benefits of fostering cultural diversity in gospel-centered friendships.

Jim Newheiser “Reconciling Broken Friendships”

How would the Bible direct us to pursue peace with those whom we have a broken relationship?

Fawn Kemble “Singleness & Friendship”

This workshop is for all of us, whether single or married. It will strive to show the importance of building deep, long-lasting friendships with singles in the church who can often feel alienated and overlooked, becoming the family we singles may not otherwise have. We will go into some of the challenges that stop this from happening naturally, and give practical tips to help surmount them.

Sue Roberts “Friendship for Grieving Parents”

How can a friend come alongside a parent who has lost a child?

Milton Vincent “Paul & Friendship”

Romans 1 provides an instructive picture of a gospel relationship between Paul and the Roman Christians. Paul saw himself and them united in the gospel, he esteemed them highly in the gospel, he longed to engage in reciprocal gospel ministry while with them, and he was confident in the power of the gospel for himself and them. How can we apply Paul’s words to our own Christian friendships?

Jonathan Holmes “Threats to Biblical Friendship”

Friendship plays a central role in the storyline of Scripture, embodying and testifying to God’s desire to draw us close to him in fellowship and friendship. With a relationship of essential importance, it would make sense that Satan would want to destroy friendship and in turn muddy the story of redemption. How do friendships fall apart? What sort of threats should we be looking for? This workshop will take a close look at several proverbs and seek to identify what threatens biblical friendship.

Workshop Slot 3 — Friday 6/26 | 1:30pm

Craig Marshall “Seeing & Seeking Embodied Beauty, Part 3”

Our experience tells us that bodily beauty is something that is lost over time or taken away in an instant. Aging takes away what we once found attractive. Disfigurement from a disaster or disease leaves a longing for what was. We know that redemption brings inner renewal in the life of a believer, but what about our bodies? In this session we will examine how God’s redemptive ways help us see beauty in the body of a believer through every situation in life.

Ana Jackson “Widening the Circle: Friendships in Leadership”

Often times people in leadership struggle with how to make friends or expand their circle of relationships. How do leaders develop supportive friendships without minimizing their struggles or needs? How can the relationship grow into being mutually open and transparent? The Bible provides us with the means to navigate how, we, in the body of Christ, are made to have the kind of relationships that can grow into deep friendships.

Keith Palmer “Men & Friendship”

Men often don’t do friendship well. Though the Bible commends godly relationships with other brothers that promote encouragement and growth, men often settle for isolation and superficial relationships built around worldly pursuits like sports and hobbies. This workshop will equip and challenge men to pursue and grow real friendships with godly brothers that will lead to mutual Christlikeness, stronger families and greater ministry effectiveness.

Caroline Newheiser “Friendships with Children & Youth”

How can adults minister to children as friends?

Curtis Solomon “Friendships Outside of Marriage”

In this workshop, you’ll consider how to foster friendships outside of one’s marriage. What is the value of maintaining these friendships? Are there any pitfalls to keep in mind?

PJ Tibayan “The Trinity & The Christian Life”

What can the doctrine of the Trinity teach us about life as a Christian?

Jenn Chen “Friendship with your Husband”

How can wives foster and maintain biblical friendships with their husbands?

Workshop Slot 4 — Friday 6/26 | 4:30pm

Eileen Scipione “Avoiding Gossip in Friendship”

How can gossiping damage a friendship? What are some practical ways to avoid gossiping about our friends?

Shannon McCoy “Forgiveness & Friendship”

No one does friendship perfectly because we are all flawed human beings. We hurt others and others hurt us. No friendship can survive without forgiveness. This workshop will explore the healing power of forgiveness to renew and restore gospel-centered friendships.

Jim Newheiser “Proverbs & Friendship”

The Proverbs offer in-depth direction regarding friends. This workshop will offer applications for friends from the Proverbs.

Frances Tibayan “Friendship with ‘Enemies’”

We often hear about “toxic relationships” referring to people in your life that you have to let go. As Christians we are called into a covenant community embodied as the local church. In our churches we are a mixed sinful bunch. If we are expected to be true to our covenant with each other and yet understand we can’t be everyone’s close friend, how do we maneuver in love between those two? We struggle to get along with some saints in our community but how can we still love them. Should we ever walk away from difficult relationships in our church?

Scott Mehl “Centrality of Love in Friendship”

True Christian friendship require genuine, Christ-like love.  Too often we believe that the importance of love in relationships goes without saying, and as a result we don’t stop and consider what genuine love should look like in friendships.  In this session we will explore together the nuances and richness of true biblical love.

Milton Vincent “A Good and Loving Friend”

Examining Romans 12:9-16, this workshop will cover the biblical makings of a good and loving friend.

Workshop Slot 5 — Friday 6/26 | 7:00pm

Caroline Newheiser “Female Friendships in the Bible”

This workshop will consider several female friendships found in the Bible and evaluate what we can learn from each of them.

Jim Newheiser “Confronting Friends”

How are we to confront those who have hurt us? Galatians 6:1 will be a teaching guide for this workshop.

Curtis Solomon “Friendships in Marriage”

This workshop will evaluate how to cultivate friendship with one’s spouse.

Jonathan Holmes “Forging Biblical Friendships”

We have all read and heard about how important friendship is in the Christian life, but many people still fail to connect theology to everyday life. How are friendships actually formed? How can I move toward someone in friendship? This workshop will seek to identify simple, practical, and doable action points for those seeking to invest in friendship relationships with others.

Eileen Scipione “Hospitality & Friendship”

What does hospitality have to do with friendship?

Keith Palmer “Friendship & Enabling”

What is the difference between showing grace to a friend versus enabling sinful behavior? Often the line between biblical love and unhelpful tolerance is thin, and requires significant biblical wisdom to navigate. This workshop aims first to compare and contrast the difference between biblical friendship and ungodly enabling, then equips believers to develop wisdom and skill to graciously influence others toward greater Christlikeness.

Fawn Kemble “Grief & Friendship”

When you’ve lost a loved one, your job, your health, or are in the midst of another form of grief, putting the work into friendship can seem impossible. When a dear friend is going through deep grief, walking alongside them through that dark time can seem daunting. Yet, it is in these times of tragedy we need our friends the most. This workshop will explore how to develop friendships for both those experiencing grief and friends struggling to help those who are hurting from loss, and how God can use those friendships to help both friends grow.

Workshop Slot 6 — Saturday 6/27 | 9:00am

Shannon McCoy “Loneliness & Friendship”

Can you be lonely if you have friends? There are many reasons why we may feel disconnected from friends. This workshop will explore the causes of loneliness and reveal the secret to overcoming loneliness in gospel-centered friendships.

Keith Palmer “Conflict & Friendship”

In a fallen world, relationships of any depth or significance mean that conflicts will occasionally arise. How should Christians respond to conflict with friends? This workshop will explain how and why conflicts develop, then will craft a biblical plan for pursuing reconciliation, forgiveness and future peace-making.

Curtis Solomon “Friendship with ‘Enemies’”

The Bible speaks in depth about loving our enemies. How can we apply God’s words in our own lives?

Jonathan Holmes “Jonathan & David”

The friendship between Jonathan and David is not only the most familiar story of friendship in the Bible, it’s one of the most celebrated friendships in antiquity and literature. While most people understand the basic outline of the story, is there something deeper that is going on which we can understand when we read the story with a Christ-centered, redemptive gaze? How can the friendship between Jonathan and David aid us in building our own Christ-centered friendships?

Eileen Scipione “Friendships with Adult Children”

This workshop will consider how to foster friendships with your children once they are grown and out of the house.

Barb Mulvey “Friendship after Trauma”

How can you be a friend to a woman dealing with past trauma? How do you navigate the anger, bitterness, self-protective walls, over-reactions, quirks, rules and faulty thinking? How can you point to Christ as their Savior and Comforter but not sound judgmental? This workshop offers practical tips and tools to remain a faithful friend as a victim deals with her pain, but avoid getting pulled into it. Using Barb’s book Hope Ahead, you can help victims re-evaluate many foundational lies they believe, see truth, renew their minds, do the Word, forgive, and mature in Christ.

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