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Hope + Help for After an Affair with Michael Gembola

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Simply surviving an affair isn't the end goal. You want to be a new person who is characterized by a new way of living.

– Michael Gembola

About the Episode

In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, Christine Chappell interviews Michael Gembola about his book, After an Affair: Pursuing Restoration. During the conversation, Michael explains the short-term and long-term challenges married couples face when attempting to reconcile after adultery, warning about the dangers of playing the "blame game" and other common defense mechanisms that interfere with the healing process. He also highlights two dangers adulterers need to avoid so they don't succumb to crippling discouragement, and shares words of wisdom for betrayed spouses who have been deeply wounded by the sin of an affair.

About the Guest

Michael Gembola, a licensed professional counselor and licensed preacher with the PCA, is executive director at Blue Ridge Christian Counseling and has taught courses at CCEF, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Biblical Theological Seminary.

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After an Affair: Pursuing Restoration

You have been unfaithful, and you want help, but moving forward is complicated. Professional counselor Michael Gembola provides daily guidance and encouragement to help you make lasting change. He offers reflection questions, plus suggestions for practical actions, so you can form new qualities and habits as you move toward God in repentance and toward your spouse in reconciliation.

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