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Keep Yourselves From Idols

From the series: Identity Crisis (TI19)

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This workshop will teach you how to identify the idols that are hidden in your heart and will demonstrate how the Gospel expels the idols leading to a heart that worships the One true God.



  • Shannon McCoy
    Shannon is a Biblical Counselor certified by ACBC and has a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Counseling (MABC) from The Master’s University. She's the author of Help! I’m A Slave to Food and contributing author to Women Counseling Women. She is a retreat and conference speaker. She serves on the Counsel Board and is a contributing blogger for the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Raised in South Carolina, Shannon graduated from the College of Charleston with a BA in Biology and the Medical University of South Carolina with a BS in Cytotechnology. She works as a Cytotechnologist for a medical laboratory.