Money, Debt, & Finances: Book Launch Team

This book is meant to be a reference for individuals and counselors to discover the Bible’s answers and apply them to the most common financial problems and questions that people face today.

—Jim Newheiser

Would you like to help us spread the word about Jim Newheiser’s newest book, Money, Debt, and Finances: Critical Questions and Answers? Though the title doesn’t release until March, launch team members get exclusive, instant access to a copy of the book as well as other perks offered by the publisher such as:

  • entrance into multiple Money, Debt, & Finances paperback copy giveaways during the launch campaign
  • special Q&A access to author Jim Newheiser
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If you’re willing to help spread the word about this new biblical counseling resource, please consider becoming a launch team member. Learn more and join the launch team Facebook group by clicking the button below. Questions specific to this launch team and its activities should be directed to Emily Etherton at

About the Book

In an accessible Q&A format, biblical counselor and former financial consultant Jim Newheiser presents financial wisdom that is grounded in faithful biblical exegesis and rooted in sound theology. How can you create and balance a budget? How can you get out of debt? What insurance do you need? He answers these questions and more, providing a go-to resource for laypeople and those who counsel them.


Upcoming Press

Ask the Counselor: Finance Edition
Live Facebook Video Broadcast Thursday, February 25th at 4pm PST/7pm EST

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IBCD Podcast Interview Airing Monday, March 15th