New Audios Now Available!


The first audio from the 2017 Ministry Weekend is now available! We will be releasing the others over the next week. Here’s how you can listen to a new audio every day.

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  • Finding Rest When There Isn’t Any part 1

    • In Ecclesiastes, we learn from Solomon about the errors that leaders are prone too. Too easily we forget we’re human and need rest just like everyone else. This session urges pastors to recover the virtue of rest and to be reminded of the Edenic rhythm that God intended for everyone.


Release Schedule:
  • 3/8   – Finding Rest When There Isn’t Any part 1
  • 3/9   – Finding Rest When There isn’t Any part 2
  • 3/10 – The Pastor as Caregiver: Learning to Listen
  • 3/13 – Depression: What Is It?
  • 3/14 – Depression: What Do We Do If We Have It?
  • 3/15 – Depression: How Do We Care for Those Who Struggle?
  • 3/16 – Depression: Biblical Mentoring From Fellow Strugglers.