CDC Level 2 DVDs

CDC Level 2 DVDs


Are Christians really competent to counsel one another?  What role does psychology play in the life of a Christian?  What methods should be used to help others deal with their struggles biblically?

Dr. Jim Newheiser addresses these fundamental questions and more throughout the IBCD Care & Discipleship curriculum. He is joined by Dr. Charles Hodges, who gives instruction on the use of medicine within a biblical counseling framework. This 15-hour DVD set covers Level 2 of 3.

After laying the foundation and methodology for biblical counseling in Level 1,
this Level 2 DVD set examines the most common counseling issues from a biblical perspective, offering practical suggestions for helping people seek true gospel change.


This set contains 10 DVDs which cover all 18 sessions of the Level 2 CDC material.  The DVDs are tracked according to the Discussion Sections in the Leader Handbook, and extra outlines and mp3 messages can be accessed from a computer.  This set contains all of the instruction one needs for the CDC Level 2.

Watching Level 1 & Level 2 satisfies Phase 1.1 of the ACBC Certification process.

Additional Materials
We have also designed Leader and Student Handbooks to assist in the study of this material.  These can be purchased separately.  High-quality, HD video streaming/downloads are also available through our Vimeo Video On Demand pages (Level 1 Page , Level 2 Page). The recommended resources mentioned in the course can be accessed online as well.

If you are planning to use this material for ACBC Certification, please read our ACBC Information Page first. You will be required to fill out a registration form. 


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