‘Danielle’ Handbook

‘Danielle’ Handbook

We’ve designed our Observation Handbook to perfectly compliment the “Danielle” Observation Videos by including the “Personal Data Inventory” (PDI) for each of the counselees as well as note taking forms and questions for each case based on the ACBC Case Report Form. Answers are also provided at the end of the Handbook. The “Danielle” Videos may be purchased separately

About “Danielle”
Danielle has grown up in and around the church, but at a heart level remains disconnected from God and from His people. Secret unconfessed sin pushes her into further isolation as she tries to hide her struggles from those around her. Without authentic relationships with other believers she has grown critical of others and is convinced that they are constantly judging her.

She lives in fear of the rejection she believes she would face if others really knew her. God appears to her as unsympathetic and disgusted with all the times she has tried to change and failed. In fact, at this point she would rather deny there is a problem than allow herself to hope for change.

Could her life ever reflect the abundant life that Christ offers?

“Danielle” Videos
The videos for this Student Handbook can be purchased as DVDs or digitally to stream (rent) or download (buy) in our Video on Demand format.


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