Hope + Help for Storms in Marriage with Jeff & Sarah Walton

by, Christine Chappell
June 15, 2020

About the Episode

In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, Christine Chappell interviews authors Jeff & Sarah Walton about their book, Together Through the Storms: Biblical Encouragements for Your Marriage When Life Hurts. During the conversation, Jeff shares biblical truths that sustained him during sudden job loss, as well as practical wisdom for men striving to be leaders of their home in the midst of future uncertainties. Sarah reflects on battling feelings of bitterness, living with chronic illness, and the grief that comes when life doesn’t look like we expected. Together, Jeff and Sarah offer gospel hope for marriages strained by circumstantial difficulties, showing couples how to cling to Jesus—and to each other—through the storms.

About the Guests

Jeff & Sarah Walton have been married for sixteen years and are the parents to four young children. Sarah is the author of Hope When It Hurts and blogs at setapart.net. Jeff works in technology sales and spends his free time leading men’s Bible studies and coaching his children’s sports teams. Jeff and Sarah are members of The Orchard Church in Chicago.

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Additional Resources from Sarah & Jeff

Together Through the Storms: Biblical Encouragements for Your Marriage When Life Hurts

This devotional helps married couples to navigate the storms of life together. Working through the book of Job, Sarah Walton (author of “Hope when it Hurts”) and her husband Jeff reflect on their own experiences in a marriage that has faced chronic illness, the after-effects of abuse, a child with neurological challenges, and financial difficulties—and show how to cling to Christ and each other.

This is not a “how to” guide on having the best marriage, but, rather, a walk alongside you and your spouse, sharing the realities of suffering and the effects it can have on a marriage. It is an encouragement to lift your eyes above your trials, off your spouse, and onto our all-sufficient Savior.

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  • Christine Chappell

    Christine is a wife, mother of three, and the author of Midnight Mercies: Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood, Help! I've Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder, and Help! My Teen is Depressed. Her writing has been featured at websites such as Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood, and other Christian platforms. In addition to her writing ministry, she works for the Institute of Biblical Counseling & Discipleship as the organization's Outreach Director and Podcast Host. Christine has completed certificates in Biblical Counseling through IBCD and is certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). She also is a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors, the Biblical Counseling Alliance, and a partner with the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Christine and her husband, Brett, were married in 2003 and currently reside in South Carolina with their three children.

About the Podcast

The Hope + Help Podcast offers interviews with seasoned biblical counseling professionals and ministry leaders on a variety of topics regarding life’s challenging problems. Hosted by IBCD Outreach Director Christine M. Chappell. Listeners can subscribe on major streaming platforms such as Apple PodcastsSpotifySoundcloud, & iHeart.


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