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Threats to a Biblical Friendship


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It should not surprise us that something as important as friendship would be a prime target of the Evil One. If friendship is meant to be a picture of the gospel, then we know that Satan will do whatever he can to tear apart and break up friendships. How does this happen, and what are some of the common threats we need to be aware of?


  • Jonathan Holmes
    Jonathan Holmes is the Founder and Executive Director of Fieldstone Counseling. He also serves as the Pastor of Counseling for Parkside Church Bainbridge and Green. Jonathan graduated from The Master’s University with degrees in Biblical Counseling and History and his MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the author of several books, The Company We Keep: In Search of Biblical Friendship, Counsel for Couples, Rescue Plan, and Rescue Skills. Jonathan has written for a number of sites and organizations including Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, Biblical Counseling Coalition, the ERLC, and the Journal for Biblical Counseling. Jonathan serves on the Board of Directors for CCEF (Christian Counseling Educational Foundation) and the Council Board for the BCC (Biblical Counseling Coalition). He is a frequent speaker at conferences and retreats. He and his wife, Jennifer, have four daughters, Ava, Riley, Ruby, and Emma.
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