Understanding Temptation: The War Within Your Heart

In this session we will identify three idolatrous heart issues in all people and find out how these desires connect our flesh with the temptations of the world’s system and the devil. This topic helps counselors work with any counselee, especially the addicted

Medicine and Biblical Sufficiency

Biblical Counseling has been shaped by the doctrine of sufficiency. We will examine how that doc-trine and the science of medicine interact when we encounter those with worry, depression, OCD, and other emotional struggles. Can the Bible help when we counsel those with medical emotional labels?  

Gospel Hope for Instant Gratification Junkies

Instant gratification junkies are hooked on immediate satisfaction at any cost. This trap can make you susceptible to addictions, anger, jealousy, and negative impulsive behaviors. The pursuit of instant gratification has detrimental effects on your Christian walk. When there is a problem, you want God to fix things quickly. When He does not, you take matters into your own hands making the situation ultimately worse. This seminar will expose the heart issues of instant gratification and will show how the gospel can help you escape the instant gratification trap.

Bringing Freedom to Captives of Pornography

Pornography is pervasive in today's world. It destroys marriages and leaves users with a warped view of sexuality. Sadly, many Christians are trapped by its power. This workshop will show how the grace of Jesus enables someone to break out of the deceitful web of pornography.

Basic Principles, Procedures, and Strategies for Counseling Addictions

Addiction cases can be some of the most complicated cases in counseling ministry.  This workshop will present a toolbox of biblical principles applied to various aspects of counseling those struggling with addictions.